MORE gains with LESS resources

Current economic trends are impacting communities in many parts of the world. Councils are finding it harder to maintain service levels, yet their constituents still expect more aspirational governance outcomes.

Councils will therefore increasingly need to deliver more gains with less resources.

MORE gains will be sought in the delivery of:

  • Community facilities, social programmes, affordability and jobs.
  • Environmental outcomes and savings in water, energy and waste.
  • Conditions that support business growth and general prosperity.

LESS resources will be available for:

  • Internal operating expenses.
  • Large capital expenditure.
  • The delivery of social, environmental and economic programs.

In response, Councils will need to ensure their internal operations are at their most efficient and integrated. Plans and rules will need to promote sustainable prosperity. At the same time, Councils will need to leverage community benefits off external organisations by influencing, enabling and partnering with them.