The deFRAG method

The deFRAG method is a compact, high-value form of engagement. It is designed to assist staff and management to assess how well Council is equipped to deliver more with less, and to identify adjustments and additional strategies that are required.

Council discipline managers and technical specialists are engaged in a short workshop process where they diagrammatically represent their discipline strategies, uncover tensions and joint opportunities with other disciplines. Disconnects are systematically diagnosed and on-the-ground outcomes are compared with vision statements. External leverage opportunities are assessed. High level recommendations are made for improved organisational procedures, policy and organisational changes.

In the workshop the following questions are addressed:

Internal disconnects

• Upward disconnects – are discipline strategies aligned with the aims and vision of Council?
• Horizontal disconnects – are discipline strategies aligned with each other?
• Delivery disconnects – are on-the-ground outcomes matching the strategy intentions?

External leverage opportunities

• How can the gains obtained from Council investment/expenditure be widened through more strategic engagement with external organisations (private enterprise, government agencies, and not-for-profit groups)?
• How can Council staff better connect with external organisations?

Organisational culture

• Which behaviour changes will avoid disconnects and encourage win-win outcomes?
• Which additional skills are required?
• Should there be adjustments to the organisational structure?