A step-change for Auckland


Our transport-specific urban design approach has helped prioritise $8 billion of transport infrastructure for 30 years of growth including new town centres, residential communities, employment areas, rail stations, rapid transit networks, and cycleways.

Urgency fueled by Auckland’s housing crisis required an alliance of three agencies, Auckland Transport, Auckland Council, and the NZ Transport Agency, and an intensive strategy production process, led by Urbanismplus, based around 10 workshops to develop, model, test, and evaluate some 300 transport options and programmes for new growth areas around the region.

All work was in compliance with the rigorous standards of a Programme Business Case, developed by AECOM, and reconciled the diverse expectations and objectives of the three large governance agencies. Overlapping streams of consultation with stakeholders and the wider community were undertaken.

Subsequently, the Programme Business Case has been endorsed by the NZ Transport Agency’s Board, Auckland Transport’s Board and Auckland Council and Detailed Business Case work is underway. Read more here.