Liveable Arterials in UK Urban Design Journal


The Liveable Arterials Plan is New Zealand’s first network-wide transport plan based on an urban design-led process. It was developed to address the spatial and financial challenges facing Auckland’s arterial road network. The Plan sets out a 25-year framework for the innovative management of arterial roads in the city based on integrated design, to balance transport models and fixed engineering standards as the primary shaper of road space.

The urban design process used to develop the Plan, led by Urbanismplus was anchored around a series of inquiry-by-design workshops informed by issue-specific research. The process led to significant buy-in and acceptance among participants of how integrated the issues were, breaking down traditional silos. Outcomes and innovation were produced that otherwise would not have arisen.

We discuss the process in more detail and outline the lessons learnt in our article ‘Liveable Arterials in Auckland City’, published in Urban Design.