Our Blueprint approach offers a holistic response to Covid-19


Internationally Covid-19 is raising questions regarding the compatibility between the conventional growth models and environmental sustainability, especially given that social gains only seem to increase with economic gains up to a point and then flatten. If Covid-19 weakens our economy, unemployment may increase and fewer resources may be available to address social stresses, environmental and climate change needs.

In articles published in the NZPI Planning Quarterly and in California Polytech’s Focus we argue that, while every community is affected differently, those that apply their resources and skills with agility, insight and innovation may yet leave a positive legacy for their people and for nature.

We explain how many of these aspirations are being delivered by our Blueprint approach applied by a growing number of councils here and in Australia. Blueprints uniquely deliver an umbrella strategy with a spatial dimension and prioritised action plan in a short timeframe. They harness local innovation and energy and employ special techniques to ensure social, economic and environmental issues are on the same footing. Endorsement from community stakeholders, elected members and council staff ensure their longevity.

Click this link to read the full article, titled ‘An Opportunity for Agility, Insight and Innovation’.